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About Us

Soil2Soul is a name just not given for a brand but for the trust and honesty between humans. And we at S2S do believe and will do everything to adore the same.


Through S2S we would like to be a part of your family in rendering you a hand to get the best to your kitchen and ultimately a healthy society to continue our humanity.


Our product is directly delivered to your doorstep from our Ras Al Khor based importer giant AAK Group.


Our fruits and veggies do not go through temperature and hygienic stress, due to human handling from warehouse to supermarkets store and then into the shelves in supermarkets.


Through our delivery process, we are controlling and managing your risk, by reducing the probability of exposure your risk from driving, traffic, and other heat-related hazards. So that you could take that extra hour to enjoy with your family and loved ones.


Through your order from Soil2Soul, you are contributing towards less carbon emission into our environment as well as we at S2S have also designed a couple of projects for our contribution to a well sustainable environment. Please do be a part of our team by registering into our website, check and compare the prices and try our product at least once. We are not perfect however every day we will work hard and take one step each to perfection.


We believe in Deliverying Goodness from soil to soul.