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Product code : 33Mandarinmorocco

Country of Origin : MOROCCO


Price : AED 7.00

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Fresh Mandrine for your favorite recipes and healthy appetite from Australia. Compare with others and then try us.

1 Box contains 9KG for wholesale budget lovers.

500gm  is 4-5 Pcs. but BE ASSURED, due to the freshness will have a very long shelf life, Try us to believe us.

Pool in with neighbors to get the benefits of the wholesale product at a cheaper price. Directly from the Cold store in Al Awir.

Products of the soil are wealthy in nutrients and minerals that assist you to feel empowered.

Always buy fruits which haven't gone through temperature variation and many human interventions as sorting or choosing in supermarkets, this stipulates rotting due to bacteria from different source. 

Buy from soil2soul directly from our Al Awir store, as fresh as picked from the farm.